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Join the meeting at the time of your choice by clicking the link next to the meeting below. It’s that easy to join in! 

The ZOOM Roundtable will be informal and open to anyone who wants to participate. We open each meeting with a brief explanation of the 3L Philosophy and the difference between Legal and Moral Principles, introduction of host, and topic(s) of the day for discussion. The depth of discussion will be determined by those present, which can make for insightful dialog and reflection. There will be time for questions and a free-flowing discussion on any issue relevant to the Principles.

Our new redesigned Roundtable conversations will include excellent facilitators/hosts from around the world who have background and skill set to provide insight and wisdom on the notions of ‘being a good human’ and learning how to grow in our personal and professional understanding of how that transforms our living awareness and lives in general. Plans are to feature workshops on communications, entrepreneurialism, social enterprises and more though the Live and Let Live Foundation.

If you are interested in hosting some zoom meetings or doing a workshop on peaceful activities, please let us know. We are needing hosts in different time zones throughout the world so meetings will be convenient for people wherever they are located. We intend to make it easy for you to introduce people to 3L by simply directing them to join an upcoming zoom meeting in the new 3L Roundtable. Please feel free to suggest topics for discussion.

Roundtable Etiquette: This is a psychologically safe and intellectually humble zone. Just be a good human and everything will be fine. Our facilitators are skilled in navigating growth opportunities and resolving miscommunications.  

We Practice and Discuss: Open-mindedness; Embrace Diversity; Civility; A Commitment to Honesty, Truth, and Facts; Rational Thought; Building High Levels of Trust. We also discuss the aspects of what aggression is and how it can be averted through current future Law. That is our Founder’s specialty.

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