What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business with social objectives. Maximizing profits is not the primary goal of a social enterprise as is with a traditional business. Social enterprises are usually a blend of private and volunteer sectors. Social enterprises are businesses where the aim is to start social good as well as pursue personal profit. They will aim to make money for their organizations and members, as well as correct economic disadvantage or provide employment for disenfranchised people or improve clean energy.

How does the Live and Let Live Social Enterprise work?

The Live and Let Live Foundation blends nonprofit and social enterprise activity to promote the Philosophy and make opportunities for prosperity available to event organizers/members. Our goal is to garner corporate sponsorships that enable micro-loans to the event organizers for start-up costs; up-front hard costs for speakers, venues and promotion. Event organizers (Program Directors) share in the revenue with 50% of net profits. Still in pre-launch, beta tests are in process as of April, 2023.

Prosperity is a precursor to peace. Passion and purpose drive many social entrepreneurs to seek new ways of helping humanity. The Live and Let Live Foundation bridges the nonprofit and social enterprise mission and vision with profit potential, putting people and planet in front of profit instead of after it. This is a change we must make for life to be sustainable on Earth. The practical applications are research and study of local, regional and global issues with how Law is applied toward freedom and peace.

Passionate change agents, community members, engage what they love, with support, and share a message of hope, inspiration and practical methodologies to achieve freedom and peace. Gatherings that inspire and promote learning how to work together better for creating and sustaining a new living awareness of cooperation, collaboration and constituents are rare today. We are changing that with a well-prepared scope and sequence of procedures and processes as a kind of hand-holding, walking with Program Directors instead of in front or behind them.

Why the benefits and features promote collaborative community building?

Events/Fundraisers are designed to inform and promote the Live and Let Live Philosophy, build community relationships with influencers, present multiple perspectives of current freedom and peace efforts locally, regionally and globally, and examine the law more closely in relationship to removing moral principles in the law. We cannot have true freedom and peace when moral codes are projected into the law. We can live by and promote moral aspirations while remaining free of them in the law. The latter has intense discussion we include in the Roundtable events.

The Philosophy of the Live and Let Live Movement and rationale of the social enterprise system provides practical and pragmatic opportunities to grow communities locally and globally, featuring companies, corporations and organizations that align with the message and demonstrate their commitment to working together for freedom and peace. People who want to be more involved and are looking for social entrepreneurial opportunities to match their love for activism with purposeful activity might just find a home here. We are co-conspirators for peace in this plan; creating new roads.

The Live and Let Live Foundation has developed, and continues to refine, a complete system for fundraising event management, from start to finish and with Excel financial workbook for tracking all the details and distribution. We’ve even got curriculum and training. After the final analysis, event organizers (Program Directors) will receive 50% of net. Whether individual, small group or organization, the opportunities to rally local companies and organizations help build authority and credibility in their local communities and access to networks of greater capacity building potential.

Interested in being a Program Director?

We are a nonprofit public charity foundation. As such, we use best practices in business and organizational development. From our corporate style guide to our work breakdown structure, we incorporate the hard and soft skills of leading-edge organizational leadership in setting up and running the Live and Let Live Foundation. This peace train has never found its way to the tracks, let alone a destination; a grand experiment of how we can learn to work together better to establish freedom and peace on Earth. Yes, that is an ambitious goal. Many may have it, only through keeping our morals out of the law will we get it. Nobody has the right to aggress anyone else, period. That’s our stance.

On the moral side of the 3L Philosophy, we strive to be of high-character and frame the components of it as aspirational values; encourage all to be excellent humans. Consideration of those aspirational values lead to the development of the social enterprise program as a win for social entrepreneurs, a win for their community, and a win for the Movement. So many benefits arise from the process of learning how to work together for the greater good. Program Directors will have a thorough vetting and will need to be well-versed in understanding the 3L Principles and their application. The form below will start the process. You MUST be a member, first. The membership sign-up form is at the bottom of this page for convenience.

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